What to expect

Some people have not yet experienced acupuncture. If this is your first treatment and you are wondering what to expect during acupuncture, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Description of a first acupuncture treatment

“Lying motionless, gazing at a chart on the wall showing streams of force connecting the little toe with the corner of the eye in a web of continuous loops, I feel my breath soften and my vision sharpen. “Delicate pins protrude from my elbow, ankle, and knee. My arms and legs are flooded by tiny rivulets of current. It’s not like a hypodermic needle that injects a foreign substance – what I’m feeling is simply more of myself. It’s strange, in the sense of odd and unfamiliar, but as a sensation not unpleasant. In fact, the edges of my mouth are cradling a silly smile. Capture “The skin is stretched less tightly over my bony frame as my pores relax. I sense movement as I lie quiet, aware of impulse within my mind at rest. Thoughts tumble into consciousness, roll over, and shuffle off. “With my eyes closed, and perception directed inward, simultaneous layers of activity play like instruments in concert with each other. I am the composer and the composed, the musician, the listener, the instrument and its player.” (From Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine)

Experiences related by our patients

“The last session left me with a wonderful sense of wholeness within myself and a rather mystical separateness from the world around me – as if I’m a genie and can appear and vanish at will. At the same time, I feel friendly and tolerant toward co-workers and am full of good intentions about eating right, working sensible hours, and offering my gifts to the world.” – Diana, age 47 Please read the Success Stories page for a variety of reactions to acupuncture and to our herbal treatments.

How does acupuncture feel?

Insertion of slender, disposable acupuncture needles goes unnoticed by some, and to others feels like a small pinch followed by a sensation of tingling, numbness, a dull ache, the movement of a warm fluid, or heaviness. Acupuncture is refreshing and involves lying down in a warm, comfortable, safe space and being transported to a place not unlike that of dreams. Usually deep relaxation and an elevation of spirit accompany treatment. For more answers, please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) from new patients. Acupuncture can be understood within the context of variable cultural languages. It has been in continuous use for millennia in Asia. Find out how acupuncture works.