Chinese Modular Solutions Formula Guide

Chinese Modular Solutions streamlines the process of customizing formulas for practitioners, while making compliance easy for end users. It’s a self-contained system simple enough to be used with confidence, and complex enough to be widely applicable. Bypassing the need for familiarity with single herbs or classical formulas, Chinese Modular Solutions requires only the ability to interpret signs and identify patterns. Mass-produced patent formulas are popular because they are more convenient and palatable; but it is difficult to be responsive to individual needs with standardized remedies. Chinese Modular Solutions combines the best of both worlds: unlike standardized formulas, they can be tailored for people without asking them to drink time-consuming bitter brews. There are 30 Chinese Modular Solutions formulas: beginning with 11 that regulate the basic body constituents of Qi, Moisture, Blood, Essence and Shen; 11 that eliminate adverse conditions (Cold, Heat, Damp Heat, Phlegm, Internal and External Wind); 5 that strengthen the Organ Networks of the Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney; and 5 that harmonize Organ Network relationships (Liver-Spleen; Spleen-Kidney, Kidney-Heart, Heart-Lung, and Lung-Liver).