Who Am I? Five Phase Types

Chinese cosmology sees nature as being governed by five primal organizing forces, each of them sharing the character of a climate, a season, a developmental stage in the cycle of life. These five primal forces are known as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. It is possible to classify everyone within these five categories – which organizing force most characterizes you? The process of self-exploration and self-discovery has health benefits. By acquiring more knowledge about your nature, you increase your ability to recognize how to meet your own specific needs and prevent problems before they occur. Each type has physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual tendencies. To learn about your pattern and identify your type is to increase your capacity to forestall ailments, upsets, and quandaries. Like the soil, Earth types tend to absorb water and become soggy; Fire types can run warm and be at risk of burn-out; Metal types can become inflexible; Water types can freeze up and become isolated; and Wood types can dry out and become brittle. Each of these types is more prone to fall prey to certain conditions or ailments. Earth types can become swollen, Fire inflamed, Metal dry, Water rigid, and Wood tense. Each type has to beware of certain dietary habits and will benefit from others. Similarly, there are herbs that will both forestall problems and strengthen one’s constitution.