Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formula Guide

There are 16 pediatric Gentle Warriors formulas that support and protect the welfare of children: 11 formulas support common disharmonies of the respiratory, digestive, skin and nervous systems; and 5 constitutional Peacemakers formulas nurture a child’s nature according to their intrinsic organizing pattern, or type. Characteristic expressions of each child’s nature persist and remain coherent over time, including temperament, social and emotional behavior, response to challenge and crisis, learning styles, strengths, deficits, preferences and aversions. Recognizing a child’s type enables us to anticipate the physical and psychological challenges that a child is likely to encounter, helping us prevent minor concerns from morphing into serious ones so we can craft optimal strategies for nurturance and care. All of these herbal extracts are mild-tasting, low-alcohol, liquid formulas easy for children to swallow. Adults can benefit from them as well. Each formula’s ingredients, rationale, function and indications are discussed as well as how the products are made and tested to guarantee the highest quality. In addition, how children are special is covered in the essay “Growing the Dao: Building Health in Early Childhood.”