Sage Solutions Formula Guide

We are challenged daily to cope with the stresses of our lives. Sage Solutions provide elegant support for our respiratory, reproductive, digestive and psychological well-being. The 22 Sage Solutions formulas specifically assist with energy, strength and stamina; elimination and detoxification; coping with mental and physical strain; genitourinary weakness; environmental sensitivities; menstrual and menopausal imbalances; and the common grievances that are always going around. They are ‘sage’ because they embody the wisdom of centuries of knowledge and experience. They are ‘solutions’ because they address particular health concerns that arise and interfere with our ability to feel happy and productive. They assist us in our mission to be well.

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Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formula Guide

There are 16 pediatric Gentle Warriors formulas that support and protect the welfare of children: 11 formulas support common disharmonies of the respiratory, digestive, skin and nervous systems; and 5 constitutional Peacemakers formulas nurture a child’s nature according to their intrinsic organizing pattern, or type. Characteristic expressions of each child’s nature persist and remain coherent over time, including temperament, social and emotional behavior, response to challenge and crisis, learning styles, strengths, deficits, preferences and aversions. Recognizing a child’s type enables us to anticipate the physical and psychological challenges that a child is likely to encounter, helping us prevent minor concerns from morphing into serious ones so we can craft optimal strategies for nurturance and care. All of these herbal extracts are mild-tasting, low-alcohol, liquid formulas easy for children to swallow. Adults can benefit from them as well. Each formula’s ingredients, rationale, function and indications are discussed as well as how the products are made and tested to guarantee the highest quality. In addition, how children are special is covered in the essay “Growing the Dao: Building Health in Early Childhood.”

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Dreaming with two feet on the ground: Acupuncture in Cuba

Imagine a health care system that is universal, comprehensive, integrates alternative therapies, and provides care at no cost to the patient. Imagine that the practice of medicine does not involve a financial transaction between doctor and patient, hospital and patient, or clinic and patient. Imagine that medical training is free and that health care is not only considered a right, but a primary means of fostering the health and happiness of the community as a whole, as well as the individuals within it. This is medicine in Cuba. Often health is equated with wealth, but life expectancy rates in Cuba are comparable to those in the United States. High standards of health in Cuba contradict the assumption that a high Gross National Product is a prerequisite, but it appears necessary that the government prioritize health.

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Quick Reference

Formula Indications and Protocols for Common Conditions

(for health care providers)

The indications for formulas that constitute CHINESE  MODULAR  SOLUTIONS, SAGE SOLUTIONS, and GENTLE WARRIORS are listed in this quick reference guide. There are protocols for common conditions shown that demonstrate the versatility of this repertoire. They are general guidelines – suggested approaches to treating commonly encountered clinical presentations. Ultimately, every prescription should be considered in the context of the individual. These protocols are meant to aid in differential diagnosis and treatment. With appropriate mixing and matching of liquid herbal extracts, effective customized remedies can be made in a busy clinical practice. Most patients demonstrate excellent compliance and report dramatic results.

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