Chinese Medicine Works Formula Guides

Branching as it does into diverse streams of thought; the Chinese herbal tradition resists becoming homogeneous, standardized, or fixed. Instead it continues to evolve in many directions as it adapts to changing healthcare practices in the West as well as upon its native soil. Out of the dense thicket of information and theory, almost as many paths through Chinese herbalism exist as there are herbalists. By making this ancient tradition more accessible to busy Western healthcare providers, we are hoping to clear a trail.

Our American penchant for creative innovation fused with the specificity and complexity of age-old Chinese practice spurred the design of the Chinese Medicine Works repertoire: CHINESE MODULAR SOLUTIONS, SAGE SOLUTIONS, and GENTLE WARRIORS PEDIATRIC FORMULAS.

The monographs that were formerly published in the Chinese Medicine Works Clinical Handbook have been republished as three separate Formula Guides: Chinese Modular Solutions, Sage Solutions, and the pediatric Gentle Warriors. The Chinese Medicine Works Clinical Handbook is no longer available.   Because the 68 formulas described in these guides are available solely through health care providers, the guides can only be purchased by licensed practitioners.


CMS Formula Guide Bypassing the need for familiarity with single herbs or classical formulas, CHINESE MODULAR SOLUTIONS requires only the ability to interpret signs and identify patterns. Mass-produced patent formulas are popular because they are more convenient and palatable; but it is difficult to be responsive to individual needs with standardized remedies. CHINESE MODULAR SOLUTIONS combines the best of both worlds: unlike standardized formulas, they can be customized without asking people to drink time-consuming bitter brews. There are 30 Chinese Modular Solutions formulas: beginning with 11 that regulate the basic body constituents of Qi, Moisture, Blood, Essence and Shen; 11 that purge adverse conditions (Cold, Heat, Damp Heat, Phlegm, Internal and External Wind); 5 that strengthen the Organ Networks of the Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney; and 5 that harmonize Organ Network relationships (Liver-Spleen; Spleen-Kidney, Kidney-Heart, Heart-Lung, and Lung-Liver). (96 pages) Download Chinese Modular Solutions Formula Guide


Gentle Warriors Formula GuideThere are 16 pediatric Gentle Warriors formulas that support and protect the welfare of children: 11 formulas support common disharmonies of the respiratory, digestive, skin and nervous systems; and 5 constitutional Peacemakers formulas nurture a child’s nature according to their intrinsic organizing pattern, or type. Characteristic expressions of each child’s nature persist and remain coherent over time, including temperament, social and emotional behavior, response to challenge and crisis, learning styles, strengths, deficits, preferences and aversions. Recognizing a child’s type enables us to anticipate the physical and psychological challenges that a child is likely to encounter, helping us prevent minor concerns from morphing into serious ones so we can craft optimal strategies for nurturance and care. All of these herbal extracts are mild-tasting, low-alcohol, liquid formulas easy for children to swallow. Adults can benefit from them as well. Each formula’s ingredients, rationale, function and indications are discussed as well as how the products are made and tested to guarantee the highest quality. In addition, how children are special is covered in the essay “Growing the Dao: Building Health in Early Childhood.” (70 pages) Download Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formula Guide



We are challenged daily to cope with the stresses of our lives. Sage Solutions provide elegant support for our respiratory, reproductive, digestive and psychological well-being. The 22 Sage Solutions formulas specifically assist with energy, strength and stamina; elimination and detoxification; coping with mental and physical strain; genitourinary weakness; environmental sensitiviities; menstrual and menopausal imbalances; and the common grievances that are always going around. They are ‘sage’ because they embody the wisdom of centuries of knowledge and experience. They are ‘solutions’ because they address particular health concerns that arise and interfere with our ability to feel happy and productive. They assist us in our mission to be well. (88 pages) Download Sage Solutions Formula Guide


“I think there is real genius in CHINESE MODULAR SOLUTIONS. I can now prescribe effective herbal formulas using a diagnostic system in which I have the most confidence. Most importantly, my patients appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of the extracts – most of them actually enjoy taking their herbal prescriptions.” —Martin Rossman, MD, Dipl. Ac.

“These formulas have proven dramatically effective for both children and adults in my practice. The reliability, potency, ease of use, and synergistic effect of these formulas are unequaled. I could not imagine practicing Oriental medicine without them.” —Randall Neustaedter, LAc, OMD


The Chinese Medicine Works Formula Guides can be ordered from Kan Herb Company.