Our Chinese Medicine Works Clinic pharmacy offers Chinese herbal remedies as well as dietary and nutritional supplements. Invariably, patients benefit from herbal therapy as well as acupuncture when they come to our clinic. People enter from the street to explore what will help them recover from varied complaints like coughs, allergies, headaches, fatigue, backaches, arthritis, sprains, travel sickness, and menstrual cramps. pharmacy1

Efrem Korngold and Harriet Beinfield are also formulators of Chinese herbal formulas that are available to health care providers through Kan Herb Company. The Chinese Medicine Works Formula Guides describe these 68 formulas, informing practitioners about their clinical use. The San Francisco Chinese Medicine Works clinic pharmacy features all of these remedies, making them available to the public. Local San Francisco residents can visit the pharmacy in person, and virtual visitors may order herbal products by phone and have them shipped throughout the United States.

Our own formulas

In our own practice, we rely heavily upon the Chinese herbal extracts that we ourselves have formulated. These products are manufactured and distributed by Kan Herb. There are 68 formulas in three distinct categories:

1. Chinese Modular Solutions

An integrated repertoire of core formulas that can be combined to individualize prescriptions for each patient, including prescriptions for preventive medicine for fortifying the constitution.

2. Sage Solutions

A set of specific formulas that help a wide range of common complaints.

3. Gentle Warriors

Developed particularly for pediatric care because they are gentle and tasty enough for children to swallow and easy for parents to administer to help children with common childhood challenges as well as the five Peacemakers, a set of constitutional formulas that support a child’s nature.

Together these constitute a complete herbal dispensary organized around the combination of formulas rather than the blending of individual bulk herbs. The Kan Herb Company reputation for manufacturing is trusted throughout the Chinese Medicine community in the United States; Kan Herb uses the highest quality herbs and the best production practices. Our liquid herbal extracts are produced in a low-heat, closed system, double-extraction process (water and alcohol). Because these formulas are clinically helpful, other providers in the United States and Europe use them as well.

Walk-in pharmacy

When people call or visit the Chinese Medicine Works, there is someone available to assist in the selection of appropriate items. Whether it is a custom formula prescribed by your provider, a remedy recommended for your child by your pediatrician, or help that you are seeking independently, we hope to serve your needs.