Published Works

Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold are the authors of many articles, a best-selling book, and several guides. Here is a list of their published writing – some of the articles are available as PDFs on this web site. bhe-cover200x294 (1)


Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, New York: Ballantine, 1991.

Formula Guides

Chinese Modular Solutions Formula Guide, San Francisco: Chinese Medicine Works, revised, 2015.

Sage Solutions Formula Guide, San Francisco: Chinese Medicine Works, revised 2016.

Gentle Warriors Pediatric Formula Guide, San Francisco: Chinese Medicine Works, 2006, revised 2014.

Chinese Medicine Works Clinical Handbook, San Francisco: Chinese Medicine Works, 1992, revised 1998, 2007


Chinese Medicine: How it Works, San Francisco: Chinese Medicine Works, 1991.

Chapters, Articles, Forewords

Foreword, Chinese Herbal Medicine, The Formulas of Dr. John H.F. Shen, Leon I. Hammer, Hamilton Rotte, Stuttgart-New York: Thieme, 2013

“Chinese Medicine and Cancer Care,” Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Cancer Care and Prevention, edited by Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD, Editor, Springer, 2007.

“Dao and the Doctor: The Thought and Practice of Chinese Medicine,” Seminars in Integrative Medicine, 2003: 1 (3).

Chinese Medicine and the Mind,” Explore: A Journal of Health & Healing, July/Aug 2006, Vol 2, No 4.

Chinese Medicine and Cancer Care,” Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Sept/Oct 2003, Vol 9, No 5.

“Centralism vs Pluralism: Language, Authority, and Freedom in Chinese Medicine,” Clinical Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, (2001) 4.

Foreword, Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: A Contemporary Approach, Hammer, Leon, Seattle: Eastland Press, 2001.

Dreaming with Two Feet on the Ground: Acupuncture in Cuba,” Clinical Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, (2001) 3.

“Overview of Clinical Acupuncture,” Integrating Complementary Medicine into Health Systems, Gaithersburg: Avon, 2001.

Foreword, Who Can Ride the Dragon, Ken Rose and Zhang Yu Huan, Brookline: Paradigm Press, 1999.

“Chinese Medicine and Digestion,” Optimal Digestion, New York: Avon, 1999.

“Menopause, Hormones and Chinese Medicine,” Oriental Medicine, January, 1999.

Conversations: Eastern Medicine for Western People,” Alternative Therapies, 1998: 4 (3).

Revisiting Accepted Wisdom in the Management of Breast Cancer,” Alternative Therapies (Co-Author with Malcolm Beinfield, MD), 1997: 3 (5) (1997 Award for Clinical Scholarship from Alternative Therapies).

“Cracking the Code of Chinese Medicine,” Natural Health, November, 1996.

Fleas, Ponies, Doctors, Angels,” Acupuncture in Practice: Western Case Studies, edited by Hugh MacPherson with Ted Kaptchuk. London: Churchill Livingstone, 1996.

Foreword, Medicinal Mushrooms, Christopher Hobbs, Santa Cruz, CA, Botanica Press, 1995.

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Chinese Traditional Medicine: An Introductory Overview,” Alternative Therapies, 1995: 1 (1).

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“Chinese Herbal Medicine: When Echinacea and Goldenseal Aren’t Enough,” Delicious, May-June 1992.

“Kitchen Doctor – Cooking with Chinese Herbs” and “Menopause,” Natural Health, March-April 1992.

“Charting the Currents of Qi,” Heartland Journal, November, 1991.